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With your kind support we can continue our work of increasing education, and developing Life and Hope opportunities for Cambodia’s neediest and most vulnerable.

Most payments allow you to add a note about the payment. Please help us make sure your donation goes exactly where you want it to. Use the additional notes (sometimes called a ‘payment reference’) to indicate if your donation is for a particular project, fund raising appeal or general support. (e.g PAGE, General Donation or Flood Disaster Support…)

You can, of course, simply email us and inform us of your donation and its intention. On behalf of the LHA familly, thank you for your kindness, love and support – Venerable Somnieng

Donation methods

US Tax-deductible Donations

Via “Omprakashclick here (no administration fee) or “Every Org (Myriad USA) click here

German Tax-deductible Donations

Via Buddhastiftungclick here

Australian Tax-deductible Donations

Donations can be made through the Rotary Australia World Community Service, made to project number 16–2014–15 which is  listed as “LHA Education and Development Program“. click here

Bank Transfer – via your bank, or internet banking service click here


Want to make an immediate difference? How would you like to buy a bike for a PAGE girl? Kit out a classroom with new chairs? Donate food and other supplies to a small village?

A couple of clicks can have a positive impact right now.