On this page we will include the personal stories of people who have benefited from the work and our programs.

image298Land Leen, CDV: “My parents left home for work and never come back again. I did not go to school for years because I had to look after my younger brother and youngest sister. We stayed with Grandma, she couldn’t afford to support us to go to school.” After LHA heard about her family from the village head, we came to visit and recruited her and her younger brother to live and study at CDV in 2012. Now she is 14 years old and studies grade 4 at primary school. She is one of the excellent students who loves to learn and study hard. She has always received the outstanding student award from the school since she was in grade 2! She also receives daily extra courses at CDV that teach English, Khmer and Math to all children after they return from school. “I am very happy to live here, I can have more opportunity to study than at home. Here they provide me everything  and after I finish high school I want to continue my education at the university because I want to be a doctor.”


Yun Nhoeurn, PAGE: “In 2007, after I finished secondary school from my home village, I was recruited to live at PAGE so I could continue high school, then I was able to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Accounting in Siem Reap city. This was a greater time than I ever experienced because I didn’t expect that I could finish even high school if I were at my village, where I needed to travel 25 km to school everyday. As my two brothers gave up their school because of this, I was lucky to live with PAGE and be supported by LHA. While I study for my Bachelor Degree I have been working at LHA’s head office for three years as an accounting assistant officer and doing a part time job after work. I have to send some money to support my younger sister who studies at home. After I graduated in 2015, I applied and got the new job at the Bank in Siem Reap.”

image338Kumpheak, PAGE: “I love to study very much, when I was a secondary school student I had to travel 25 km to go to school. After I finished secondary school I didn’t expect that I would be able to continue to high school because my family is poor with five children that my parents need to look after. I think I was very lucky to receive a great scholarship opportunity from LHA to pursue high school for three years in Siem Reap city. I know that I come from a rural village and my family is poor, so only education can help me to overcome this. I studied very hard every day after school while living at PAGE. Finally, I passed the national examination and graduated from high school in 2015. I was able to receive a scholarship from the government to study a bachelor degree in Teaching and Mathematics at Battambong University. I want to be a Mathematics teacher because I love it and I think that after teaching at school I will also teach the students part time.”

image392Ta Chan’s family, Siem Reap: They live in a very small and old house made of palm leaves with eight people. One of their youngest daughters had a heart leak since birth but her parents cannot afford to send her to hospital. To help this family, we conducted emergency fundraising to get a minimum amount of money and sent her for a health check up at the hospital in Siem Reap. Now she is waiting for an operation. During this time, we also built a new house for the family. This house will be the fundamental property for the family to move forward and better accommodate their children.

image307Ven. Sok Rem, SLS: “I am personally aware that education is very important in self-development and society. In so doing, l have always pursued higher education since I was a high school student. But after I graduated in 2010, I lost my hope and dreams when I could not afford the fee to attend university. Then I received the scholarship supported by Seal Of Love Charitable Foundation in Hong Kong in 2012 from LHA . I am very happy to have this great educational opportunity through scholarship. I am really grateful for SOLCF’s help. Without this great support, my dream never comes true.”

image386Ty Tim,  SCP: She has four children; her family has been supported by a monthly food allowance for three years since 2013, which will conclude in July 2016 after her family situation has improved and they are able to live independently. She said “Under SCP support, they asked my family to respect the regulations of no drinking, no gambling and I have to send all my children to school. At first, it was very hard for my husband because he had been a drunk for many years and when he is drunk he would hit me and destroyed everything at home. But after LHA helped us, he tried to stop it. Now he does not act like he did in the past. We can start to think more about our family future plan. We asked for loan from LHA to do a small family business. We bought a mini-tractor, opened a grocery in front of the house, and planted one hector of cassava. Now we earn enough income each month. On the other hand, I teach my children to make money by themselves in which I allow them to grow the vegetables at home – two or three rows per person – and they sell their vegetable by themselves when villagers come to buy. I always use this money for going to school and buying new clothes they would like.”

image416Miss. Lort Yet-SCP: Is an 18 year old from Chup Soum Village, Peak Snang Commune, Angkor Thorm District. She has been studying grade 10 at Hun Sen Angkor Thorm High School. “In the past my family was so poor, we have not enough food, clothes, study materials, uniforms, bicycles, or shelter. After my family got support from SCP, my family is much better, and I have the bike for going to school, have study materials and a uniform. Especially I have more time to study and my study is much better than before, I always get excellent scores in my class. I am very excited and thankful to SCP and LHA which supports my family.” In the future, She wants to be a doctor.