Key Volunteers

Over the years, many volunteers, supporters and donors have played a role in improving the efficiency and sustainability of our work at LHA. We are grateful for the contribution of all those people, and on this page we introduce some of the people who are currently giving of themselves for the benefit of the poor and disadvantaged people of Cambodia. We hope you will find their stories informative and inspiring!

Carol Nagy


Position: Senior Programmes and Operations Advisor

Biography: Carol Nagy is  trained nurse and public health graduate from Tasmania, Australia. She has worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres over the last 14 years of which 2 were in Siem Reap managing health projects. This is how she met Venerable Somnieng who was working with people living with HIV and Aids before he started LHA. Carol helped LHA in its early days with staff training and providing some programme management support. Carol has always had a close association with LHA and has been back as a full time volunteer since September.

Derek Green


Position: Communications Co-ordinator / Volunteer support (2013-)

Biography: Derek studied Media and English and since 2001 has run a web development company in Australia specialising in e-learning, social media and system usability. He is also a travel writer. Derek is implementing LHA’s communication strategy including our website content, social media use and e-news campaigns, and is also the first point of contact for all volunteer enquiries. “Volunteering has shown me that you don’t have to be rich or brilliant, you just have to ‘do’ something. I just wanted to make a difference in a country where people have fewer opportunities than they do in Australia. The vision and values of LHA resonated with me and I saw how I could help them achieve their goals. Its been a great experience and I’m excited to be involved. Looking back, I can’t believe it took me so long to do something like this.”

Derek served on the LHA board from 2015-2019.

Past Key Volunteers

Over the years, many volunteers have spent an extended time working to help LHA achieve its goals. They come from a variety of countries and backgrounds, but give much time and effort without seeking anything in return.

With much gratitude, a selection of these people are profiled below.


Clive Butler


Position: Managing Director of the LHA Sewing Centre (Social Enterprise)

Biography: Clive has worked tirelessly over the years to help LHA improve its systems and sustainability across all of its programs as well as the organisation as a whole. He has a background in the Finance and electronic payment industry in Europe.

Laura Butler


Position: Managing Director and acting General Manager of the LHA Sewing Centre (Social Enterprise)

Biography: With a passion for the creation of jobs through responsible employment, Laura has devoted countless hours to the Sewing Centre and LHA associated social enterprises over the years. She has past experience as a project manager in finance, communications and technology sectors.

Kathryn McLean


Program Manager – Foreign Language School (Sept 2013 – Sep 2014)

I have always had a healthy curiosity about life in other countries and as such have spent most of my adult life living abroad. The last 10 years have seen me based in Taiwan working in the ever-expanding ESL industry. I have been involved in many different aspects of the ESL world including teaching, training, curriculum development, and management. I’ve always wanted to help the underdog but never knew how to go about it. I finally decided it was time to just get out there and help. I’d never been to Cambodia and knew very little about it prior to my arrival, but I fell in love with the country and the people immediately. Upon reading about LHA, I felt an instant connection to their mission to ‘provide hope through education’. It just felt ‘right’ and it turns out it was what I had been looking for all this time.

Cecil Holmes


Position: Foreign Language School – Project Manager (August 2013- April 2016)

Biography: From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Cecil’s childhood was spent in rural Ireland in an era when, in some respects, life was not dissimilar to the Cambodian. He started as a High School teacher then joined the Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Assessment and Examinations Council (CCEA). His role as a Programme Manager gave him the opportunity to influence the development of the curriculum and assessment in schools across the country. “Hope is a cherished gift for any of us but, particularly, those in need. The idea of ‘hope through education’ both excited and resonated with me – just as it did throughout my professional life. I identified immediately with the mission of LHA when I read about its work. Venerable Somneing, the Executive Director, has an inspirational story which provoked a desire in me to be part of his journey. LHA demonstrates unconditional compassion in all that it does. I simply wanted to share some of my experiences to support LHA as it strives to transform the lives of individuals and society in Cambodia – a country I have come to love dearly.”

Asta Tamuleviciute


Position: Program Officer (1 year)

Description: Asta was in charge of research and program development and also communications and external relations. She provided support to LHA programs including program monitoring and evaluation, reports, newsletters, website, events, and volunteer coordination. She had also been teaching English and Organizational Capacity Building to LHA staff and English and Women’s Empowerment to PAGE girls.

Chris Wade


Position: LHA Client Representative (3 months)

Description: Chris was representing LHA in the construction process of the Hotel de la Paix/LHA Sewing School and also involved in the strategic planning for LHA.

Chris joined the LHA board in 2015.

Jessie Tielens


Position: English Teacher (3.5 months)

Description: Jessie was teaching students at intermediate and elementary levels at Foreign Language School.