LHA Sewing Centre

At the LHA Sewing Centre, Life and Hope’s Sewing Training School graduates are employed and given a fair wage with good and happy work conditions.

The graduates continue to expand their knowledge and experience and are taught business skills such as sales, marketing, finance and inventory management. They continue to be taught English for free and are given free medical insurance.


The centre is managed by Khmer staff and for Khmer people. Within 6 months we have expanded from 9 to 29 staff. Our aim is to further grow this centre through partnerships – all profits are reinvested into the centre to grow its capacity and improve the lives of our employees.

You can support LHA by purchasing our products in our supporting partner shops, or visit our shop on-site at Wat Damnak. You can order any types of clothing and accessories you may need, including hospitality or other work uniforms and custom designed clothing.