Sustainable Community Project (SCP)

LHA’s Sustainable Community Project (Formerly Food for Education) assists families in targeted communities around Siem Reap with the financial burden of sending their children to school.

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Along with the delivery of food materials to help families maintain a constant food supply, LHA communicates to parents and village elders the benefits of a Child’s school education. During these community visits LHA also shares healthcare and environmental information to help the local communities live a higher quality of life.

Food Sponsorship

Through the provision of basic food (e.g. rice, soy sauce, and cooking oil) LHA attempts to ease the financial burden many Khmer families face in providing for their families. Through the donation of such materials, and the message of the value of children’s education, the capacity for a family to send their children to school is greatly increased.

School-Kits Sponsorship

LHA provides school kits (school uniforms, school bags, notebooks, paper, pens and pencils) to children who need them. The distribution of the kits is done once a year, usually at the beginning of the school year.

Act now to support sustainable communities in Cambodia

Food supplies for a family could make a huge difference. Want to supply a small village with school kits? You can, right now.