The new sewing school has been officially opened

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Opening ceremonyThe new Hotel de la Paix & LHA Sewing School was officially opened on Thursday 14 April - the first day of the Khmer New Year.

The construction of the new building took over three months. It was carried out by ASMA architects (company operating in Siem Reap and Paris) and sponsored by the Hotel de la Paix.

Today a new class of 26 girls have started a sewing training course. They will graduate 10 months later. Previous class, which graduated in November 2010, had only 20 students. Because the old building was much smaller, they had to share the working space with some graduates. As the upper level has been added, 16 graduates will have a separate space for working. There will also be a room to store materials, an office/teacher's room to meet the clients, and bathrooms.

The old building was in operation from 2005 to the late 2010. During this time, six classes graduated from the school. Hotel de la Paix has been involved in the sponsorship and development of the school from the very beginning. It promotes responsible tourism and is actvely involved in a number of community development projects including Green Gecko project and Sangkheum Center for Children.